Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Redline - Savage Worlds Conversion - Part Two

Part Two of our Redline to Savage Worlds Conversion covers adjustments to Ekills, Edges, and Hindrances. It also provides a few lists of personal gear as well.


This skill allows you to build items as well as repair them. You must have access to parts and materials. A -2 penalty applies if you don't have appropriate tools and parts.
A raise on the Repair skill roll halves the time required to complete a project. A failure means the time was wasted and any future work on the project must start over from the beginning. A critical failure means both time and parts were wasted and new parts must be obtained.
The following is a list of examples of projects your character may attempt with Repair skill as well as estimated times of completion.  
  • Metal shield: 15 min
  • Water purifier: 30 min
  • Build/rebuild an engine: 8 hrs
  • Make a personal firearm from the parts of other broken firearms: 16 hrs
  • Make and mount a vehicle weapon: 32 hrs
  • Build entire vehicle: 10 days
New Knowledges
  • Fuel (How to make it. And how to judge it's quality and type)
  • The Big Picture (Philosophy, theology, logic, and other schools of thought all lumped together)
  • Olden Days (Life before everything crashed. Identification of relics from the past)
  • Creep (Ability to identify it in it's various forms. Info on the dangerous creatures it makes)


Restricted Edges
The following Edges are not available to characters in this setting: Arcane Background, Noble; all Power Edges; and the Professional Edges of Adept, Champion, Gadgeteer, Holy/Unholy Warrior, Mentalist, and Wizard.

Modified Edges
Arcane Resistance & Improved Arcane Resistance
This Edge works as stated but apply it to the effects of any mutation or creep powers.

Rich & Filthy Rich
These Edges work as described, except the character does not receive any annual salary. He only receives the additional starting funds.

New Edges
Creep Resistant
Requirements: Novice, Vigor d8+
Add +2 to Trait rolls made to resist gaining Creep points. And you receive 2 less Creep points whenever you are contaminated. This is a Background Edge.

Fancy Driving
Requirements: Seasoned, Driving d10+
Your experience behind the wheel really shows. Add +2 to Driving rolls made when making a maneuver.

People are born fighting for survival and usually die early. Education is learning how to fight and scrounge, not read and write. This is a default Hindrance for NPC's, unless the GM determines otherwise. Player characters are not illiterate unless their Background says they are, or the player chooses this Hindrance for his character.


Barter System: There is no currency in Redline, everything is bartered. When making a trade, the value of the offered goods is dependent on the buyer's individual needs and desires. The values listed are for comparative purposes and show the general level of value an item has in the Redline setting. Water, food, and fuel are the primary goods used in bartering and as such are closest thing left resembling currency. However, the demand of these basic items varies from one place to another and their value may be inflated of deflated accordingly.

Beginning characters start with gear equal to a total Value of 50. If the GM desires the players to start with vehicles as well, give them an additional 800 to spend on their vehicle.

Part Three will cover artillery and vehicle mounted weapons, as well as rules for tricking your vehicle out for some highway death-dealing combat fun!

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