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Redline - Savage Worlds Conversion - Part One

In 2003 Fantasy Flight Games released several d20 OGL setting books as part of their Horizon "New Roleplaying Frontiers" line. Grimm (now a stand-alone game), Mechamorphosis , Redline , Spellslinger, and Virtual were the released titles. These settings were not as extensive or as supported as FFF's big hitters of the time: Midnight , Dawnforge , and Dragonstar ; but the Horizon books were inexpensive and provided an outside-the-box game setting.

When I saw Redline on the game store shelf it was love at first sight. When I read the blurb it became a long-term relationship.

"Play a grim road warrior, a clever techie, a feral child, or a barbaric 'zerker in the cutting-edge, fuel-injected, post-apocalyptic world of Redline...Scrape all the salvage, wit, and bullets you can as you scream across desert highways and access "guzzlines" to fuel your vehicles and stay on the move to keep ahead of bandits, the red dust, and Mr. Death himself!"

While most post-apoc RPGs focus on mutants and exploration, Redline was more like the Mad Max movies. High speed vehicular combat and gritty brutality were...well just look at the 1st edition cover, it says it all better than I can...

Redline was great, but I became burnt-out on the d20 system and later switched to Savage Worlds as my system of choice. Savage Worlds is one of those games which just begs you to convert every game setting you own into it. Redline was a perfect fit.

This article and ones following it will feature my Redline Savage Worlds conversion. You will need the Savage Worlds rulebook to use this conversion and a copy of Redline is helpful but not necessary. The setting was cool but anyone familar with post-apoc games and stories can come up with something just as good on their own. You can find the original Redline rulebook (2nd ed.) on Amazon if you are interested:  Redline

Redline - Savage Worlds Conversion - Part One

Use the rules for character creation as written in the Savage Worlds core rulebook with the following modifications.

The only available race in Redline is human. Humans do not start with one free Edge, instead choose one of the following Backgrounds for your character.

Bornagains spend a lot of time pondering the things nobody else has the heart to or the care to. They have excellent practical wisdom to share, but just as often, they spew out highfallutin' nonsense that's likely to get them or their followers killed. Despite this, Bornagains often become great leaders in their communities. Their fevered devotion and passionate beliefs can be contagious.
  • Inner Reflection: Start with a d6 in Spirit instead of a d4.
  • Preacher: Start with a d6 Persuasion.
  • The Big Picture: The remnants of philosophy, theology, logic, and other schools of  thought all lumped together. Start with d6 Knowledge (The Big Picture).
  • Smite Abomination: Add +2 to the Bornagain's attack and damage rolls against any creature with a Creep threshold of 7 or higher. (Creep Zombies, Creep Vamps, etc.)
  • Faith: Is it help from above or your just the force of conviction? Either way you gain the Luck Edge.

Bygones tend to view society as a world gone mad. They believe if people would just work at remembering the past, answers to modern traumas would be found. Their goals are clear: preserve the past and help move society out of the new dark age. Some are quick to point out that it was the old ways which created the modern hell they live in. Bygones aren't bothered by that, saying this time, we can get it right.
  • Magnetic Personality: Gain the Attractive Edge.
  • Living In The Past: Start with a d6 Knowledge (Olden Days).
  • Heroic Surge: When dealt a Joker, a Bygone may take one additional action before suffering a multiple action penalty. (In other words, count multiple actions as one less when determining the penalty.)
  • "Go Not Quiet Into That Dark Night": Bygones quote words of wisdom from the Olden Days and kindle the flames of hope. Gain the Command Edge.
  • Silver Tongue: Add a +2 to Persuasion and Taunt skill rolls.

Wandering is a way of life in these harsh times. Folks have to move to find new resources, stay out of the way of muties and warlords, and keep ahead of Creep clouds. Most move around en masse, hoping in safety in numbers. But some are Drifters walking their own path.
  • Survived The Wastelands: Start with a d6 in Vigor instead of a d4.
  • Make It Count: Drifters know how to make ammo last. Start with a d6 Shooting. And whenever the weapon you are using runs out of ammo, you may spend a benny and find there's still one shot left in your gun.
  • Scrounger: Add a +2 to any Survival and Notice skill rolls.
  • Been Around Some: Add a +2 to social and geographic Common Knowledge rolls.
  • Longwalker: The Drifter can keep on going long after others have given up. Add a +2 to Vigor rolls made to determine if he gains Fatigue.

Ferals want to survive, just like everyone else. The thing is they've always done it differently than most. Instead of looking to machines and other people, they rely on their own instincts. They may act like feral animals, but don't fool yourself, they're not stupid. Just a bit more independent, a little bit quicker, and a lot more stubborn.
  • Fast And Sneaky: Start with a d6 in Agility instead of a d4.
  • No Mommy: Ferals learn to kiss their own boo-boos. Start with a d6 Healing.
  • Stay Out Of Reach: Start with a d6 Climbing.
  • Good At Living Unnoticed: Start with a d6 Stealth.
  • Grew Up In A Green Zone: Add +1 to Parry
  • Live Tooth And Nail: Add +2 to any Survival roll.
  • Born A Wild Child: You gain the Outsider Hindrance.
  • What's Them Squiggly Lines: Gain the Illiterate Hindrance.

Born big and dumb. Rejects are the true children of this new world where might makes right. Their DNA scrambled by the Creep makes them unpredictable and diverse. Rejects are the foreshadow of a new humanity to come.
  • Chemistry, Biology, And Radiation: Start with a d6 in Strength instead of a d4.
  • Immune To Creep: The body of a Reject is coursing with stuff that would kill a normal human. You never accumulate Creep points.
  • First Hand Experience: Start with a d6 Knowledge (Creep).
  • Big: +1 size and Toughness.
  • Mush For Brains: It costs 2 points to raise their Smarts during character creation, and must dedicate two leveling opportunities to raise their Smarts with advancement.
  • Just Squiggly Lines: Gain the Illiterate Hindrance.
  • Boons: In addition to their Strength, Rejects have a positive mutation which may help them survive. 
Choose one of the options from the list below:
  • Savage: Most folks have adrenaline coursing through their veins, Rejects have the Creep coursing through theirs. Gain the Frenzy Edge.
  • Bug-Eyed: The Reject has big bulging eyes, but they can see distance better than normal eyes. Reduce any range penalties to Shooting by 2.
  • Crusty Skin: Extra thick and crusty. Gain a +1 to Toughness.
  • Low Light Vision: Rejects' eyes have a greenish (or another color if you prefer), otherworldly glow. As long as some light is available, reduce illumination penalties by 2.
  • Slippery Skin: Slime oozes from the Rejects' pores, making him slippery to touch. Attempts to grapple him suffer a -2 penalty. He also gains a +2 on rolls to break free from being entangled.
  • Banes: Just as their brains have been addled by Creep, Rejects' bodies carry some minor physical defect.
Choose one of the options from the list below:
  • Bad Hearing: His ears are just little malformed nubs. Gain the Hard of Hearing (minor) Hindrance.
  • Confused: Making snap decisions is very difficult and overwhelming. Draw an extra card in combat and act on the worst of the draw. Gaining the Level Headed Edge eliminates this Hindrance, but does not give the benefits of the Edge. Improved Level Headed acts instead as just Level Headed.
  • Jittery: The Reject acts like he's had way too much Kafedew. He always suffers a -1 to Shooting rolls, or any roll requiring steady hands.
  • Monstrous: He makes other Rejects look pretty. Gain the Ugly Hindrance.
  • Slow: The leg muscles of this Reject are strong but not as flexible. Has a base Pace of 4.
  • Sickly: You have less resistance to normal disease and fatigue. Gain the Anemic Hindrance.
  • Too-Big Hands: The Reject tends to break things by accident. Gain the All Thumbs Hindrance.

Savant's are the mechanical geniuses who keep the technological remnants of the Olden Days alive. Knowledge is power and life for Savants. They trade skill for social influence, wealth, and protection. Being good at dodging bullets helps too.
  • Mind Like A Razor: Start with a d6 in Smarts instead of a d4.
  • Square Roots: Savants excel in mental skills. A Savant gains +2 to three skills of your choice which are linked to Smarts.
  • Intuitive Leap: Gain the Jack-Of-All-Trades Edge.
  • People Are So Predictable: Gain a +1 to Parry, and all Shooting rolls made against a Savant suffer -1.
  • Mechanical Genius: Savants are more likely to be captured than killed by gangs and warlords. Their inborn knack with all things mechanical is a priceless asset in the auto-warfare world. Gain the Mr. Fix It Edge.

 That's it for now. In part two we cover new Edges, Hindrances, Gear, and more.

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